Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This example of high gloss marble floor polishing shows how shiny and reflective a marble floor can be.  To get a high gloss marble polish shine from a marble floor the marble must be level and honed to between 800-3600 grit.  

Marble polishing with an marble restoration paste or Italian Craftsmen 5x marble polishing powder using a rotary marble polishing machine will bring a deep bright luster from the floor.  After the powder polishing we clean the marble and dry it before using a crystallizing spray buff to brighten the surface like glass.

If you would like to see your marble shine like this call Floor Cleaning Experts at 727-399-8803 and set up a free floor evaluation and exact price quote.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

This St Petersburg wood floor cleaning and polishing started with a Murphy's Oil Soap residue that left the finish dull and cloudy.  The first step of our wood floor cleaning process is to spray a solvent based detergent on the floor to break down the oils.  This is scrubbed into the floor floor with a natural hair pad on a rotary scrubber to the break down the oil soap.  Microfiber bonnets are used to draw the dirt and detergent from the wood floor.  Wood floor polishing is then done by using a dry natural hair pad under a rotary scrubber to buff the wood floor residue free and ready for finish.  The wood floor is then coated with a no-wax floor finish to fill in small scratches and restore a vibrant shine to the wood floor.

If you you questions about wood floor cleaning and polishing call the Floor Cleaning Experts at 727-399-8803.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Quarry Tile Stripping, Cleaning, and Waxing

This 1940's Mosaic Quarry tile floor was coated in a yellowing old acrylic coating.  Our Quarry tile stripping and waxing service removed to old coating from the quarry tile and the grout.  The tile and grout was then cleaned with our truck mounted tile and grout cleaning system to get the grout a consistent color.

We then coated the floor with a water based urethane reinforced floor wax.  This brought the floor back to its original beauty.

If you have a quarry, Mexican, Terra Cotta, or Saltillo tile floor call us at the Floor Cleaning Experts 727-399-8803 and we will restore it to its former glory.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Professional Marble Polishing Starts with Proper Protection.

Professional marble polishing starts with proper protection of surrounding walls, baseboards, cabinets, and other delicate areas.  Floor Cleaning Experts certified marble mechanics use a couple of different things to insure our marble polishing doesn't damage surrounding areas.  A combination of plastic wall wrap and blue tape provide a protective barrier against the marble polishing paste used during marble polishing.  We use special marble polishing brushes on our marble polishing machine to eliminate the potential for friction or rub damage from polishing pads or drivers.

At the Floor Cleaning Experts we understand that leaving the surrounding areas undamaged and free of blemishes is just as important as polishing the marble floor to a hot gloss shine.  Out marble mechanics are skilled at both.  For more information call us at 727-399-8803.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

St Petersburg Garage Concrete Floor Restoration and Polishing

This concrete garage floor was covered with four coats of epoxy paint.  The paint was flaking in many areas and the homeowner wanted a permanent solution for a beautiful concrete garage floor.

Our Concrete Restoration and Polishing process was exactly what they wanted.  We used a dual planetary grinding machine to grind off the layers of paint and smooth out the surface of the concrete floor for polishing.  Removing paint from a concrete floor is one of the hardest parts of restoring a concrete floor for polishing.

 Polishing concrete is done dry using a dust containment system.  This floor was ground with 26, 50, and 150 grit concrete grinding segments to get the floor smooth and flat and ready for the concrete polishing process.

 Resin diamond polishing disks hone and polish the concrete to a bright shine.  On this floor we used resin bonded diamond concrete polishing pads with 50,100,200,400,800,1800, and 3600 grit diamonds.  This gave the floor a deep deep luster.

Concrete floor sealing is very important for having a long term easy to clean floor.  The concrete is sealed repeatedly during the concrete polishing phase using a lithium silicate densifier that hardens the surface and closes the pores of the concrete floor.  After the floor is polished we sealed it with Drytreat Stainproof sealer with 15-year warranty.

 For a garage floor that is beautiful shiny and bullet proof call the Floor Cleaning Experts at 727-399-8803 and ask about our garage floor restoration and polishing service.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

St Petersburg Travertine Powder Polishing

St Petersburg Travertine Powder Polishing
This travertine floor was dull and lifeless before out travertine powder polishing.  Powder polishing travertine restores the lost luster to the travertine floor by blending out the small travertine scratches  and making the travertine reflect light better.

Powder Polishing travertine will not remove deep scratches in the travertine and may make them more evident.  Scratches need to be removed by travertine honing using travertine polishing diamonds.

The Floor Cleaning Experts can help with any travertine polishing, honing, leveling, sealing and repairs you need.  Call 727-399-8803 for a free exact price quote.

Monday, October 29, 2012

This St Petersburg terrazzo restoration started with some serious problems.  One of the marble stones in the terrazzo had dissolved leaving pea shaped holes pitting the surface.  The holes were filed with acrylic fortified colored concrete to replace the red stone color to the floor and make it smooth for polishing.   After the final terrazzo polishing the floor has the beautiful smooth surface made super shiny with our advanced terrazzo polishing process.
Call the Floor Cleaning Experts at 727-399-8803 if your  terrazzo floor needs serious restoration.  We restore what others can't.